Ancestors of Tim Fogarty

NameRelationshipBornDiedMarriedNumber of
Immigrated to
North America
Moved to
Thomas Edward Fogarty f 4-Jan-1939
Detroit, Michigan
Anchorage, Alaska
to Jeanette Wittenauer
Jeanette Barbara Wittenauer m 1940
Floredale Hills, Missouri
Florissant, Missouri
to Thomas Fogarty
Francis J Fogarty ff 14-Sep-1901 13-May-1989
Trenton, Michigan
to Crete Ann Clemons 4    
Crete Ann Clemons fm 28-May-1906
Yale, Ill
Lone Pine, CA
to Francis Fogarty 4    
Clarence Wittenauer mf 29-Aug-1911
Hecker, Illinois
Florissant, Missouri
18-Oct-1935 to
Angela Eichenseer
Angela Catherine Eichenseer mm 18-Feb-1915
Hecker, Illinois
Florissant Missouri
to Clarence Wittenauer
Frank Harold Fogarty fff 1-Aug-1873
Rosamond, Illinois
Trenton, Michigan
Katherine Guinee,
April 19, 1893, Shelbyville, Ill
Kathryne Guinee ffm 1875
Tower Hill, Illinois
? Frank Harold Fogarty,
April 19, 1893, Shelbyville, Ill
Luther Warden Clemons fmf 02-Jul-1881
Yale, Illinois
Yale, Illinois
Verdi Crampton 3    
Verdi Crampton fmm May 1 or 2, 1885, Illinois 19-Jan-1959
Hunt, Illinois
to Luther W Clemons 3    
Edward Wittenauer mff 3-Mar-1880
Monroe County, Illinois
Waterloo, Illinois,
buried in Green Mount Cemetery
16-Aug-1905 to Barbara Grau in New Athens, Illinois 10    
Barbara Grau mfm 4-Dec-1885 23-Oct-1962 in Waterloo, Illinois, buried in Green Mount Cemetery 16-Aug-1905 to Edward Wittenauer in New Athens, Illinois 10    
Victor Eichenseer mmf 3-Nov-1893 13-Apr-1957, Hecker, Illinois 21-Apr-1914 to Barbara Mueth 6    
Barbara Mueth mmm 3-Feb-1895 31-Aug-1987 in Hecker, Illinois 21-Apr-1914 to Victor Eichenseer 6    
Timothy Fogarty ffff 1830
after 1889 to Mariae Burke, perhaps after 1851 7 May 30, 1851 on the Constellation from Liverpool (maybe) between 1866 and 1868
Mariae (Margaret) Burke fffm 1831
? to Timothy Fogarty, perhaps after 1851 7 May 30, 1851 on the Constellation from Liverpool (maybe) between 1866 and 1868
Daniel Guinnee ffmf 1836, 1839 or 1842
after 1910 Catherine Foley
March 4, 1860
Donoughmore, County Cork, Ireland
8 around 1871 1871
Catherine Foley ffmm 1843
before 1910 Daniel Guinnee
March 4, 1860
Donoughmore, County Cork, Ireland
8 around 1871 1871
William Bastion Clemons fmff 1-Jan-1847
Yale, Illinois
Yale, Illinois
23-Jan-1868 to Minerva Jane Watt (his second cousin via Dowell) 7    
Minerva Jane Watt fmfm 5-Feb-1848, Kentucky 31-Jan-1923 23-Jan-1868 to William Bastion Clemons (her second cousin via Dowell) 7    
Moses W Crampton fmmf 27-Apr-1860, Illinois 21-Aug-1931 to Nettie E Fultz, 19-Sep-1893, Jasper, Illinois ?    
Nettie E Fultz fmmm 1870, Indiana ? to Moses W Crampton, 19-Sep-1893, Jasper, Illinois ?    
Peter Wittenauer mfff 6-Aug-1851
near Buffalo, Erie County, New York
Belleville, Illinois,
buried in Green Mount Cemetery
31-Jul-1877 to Margaretha Barthel 12   1857 to Belleville, Illinois
Margaretha Barthel mffm 23-Jan-1857, New Athens, St Clair, Illinois 29-May-1933, buried in Green Mount Cemetery, Belleville, Illinois 31-Jul-1877 to Peter Wittenauer in Belleville Illinois 12    
Peter Grau mfmf Nov-1859, Bayern, Germany (?) 1927 (?) to Katherine Reinhardt or Mary (?) ?    
Katherine Reinhardt mfmm 20-Oct-1844 St Clair, Illinois (?) 11-Jan-1924 to Peter Grau ?    
Anton Eichenseer mmff 8-Aug-1868, Illinois 26-Jan-1950 25-Oct-1892 to Mary Schuerle 7    
Mary Schuerle mmfm 1866 or 69, Illinois   25-Oct-1892 to Anton Eichenseer 7    
Franz Mueth mmmf 12-Jul-1865 15-Sep-1902 to Catherine Sauzek 7    
Catherine Sauzek mmmm 30-Apr-1866 22-Sep-1943 to Franz Mueth 7    
John Guiney ffmff ?   Mary Corkery
August 8, 1835
Mary Corkery ffmfm ?   John Guiney
August 8, 1835
Warden Clemons fmfff 18-Jun-1812, (1809?) Breckenridge, Kentucky 23-Nov-1860 1833 to Rachel Jared, Newton, Illinois 3    
Rachel Jared fmffm 24-Dec-1813, Kentucky 8-Mar-1890, Newton, Illinois 1833 to Warden Clemons, Newton, Illinois 3    
John H Watt fmfmf 1825, Warren, Kentucky 29-Aug-1874, Jasper, Illinois 12-Aug-1845 to Polly Dowell Snyder 7    
Mary Polly Dowell Snyder fmfmm 4-May-1826, Kentucky 28-Apr-1866 12-Aug-1845 to John H Watt 7    
Emanuel Crampton fmmff 5-Jun-1827, Ohio 27-Apr-1897
Jasper Co, Illinois
to Lydia Morris 14-Dec-1855 5    
Lydia Morris fmmfm 1-Mar-1832, Ohio or Indiana 2-Apr-1906, Jasper Co, Illinois to Emanuel Crampton, 14-Dec-1855 5    
David M Fultz fmmmf about 1829, Vermillion, Indiana before 1990 about 1852 to Dorca Louisa Ott ?    
Louisa (Dorca) Ott fmmmm Aug-1832, Vermillion, Indiana ? about 1852 to David M Fultz ?    
Joseph Wittenauer mffff 1811 in Bavaria, Germany ~8-Jul-1898 in Belleville, Illinois,
buried in Green Mount Cemetery
1841 to Catherine Gross 4 1833 to New York 1856-1857
Catherine Gross mfffm 2-Oct-1819 in Wittring, France 1853 in Erie County, New York 1841 to Joseph Wittenauer 4 winter of 1830/1831, settling in Erie County, New York  
John Barthel mffmf 17-Jul-1822 in Langenselbold, Germany 28-Jan-1911,
buried in Tamarawa Cemetery in St Clair County, Illinios
22-Aug-1850 to Barbara Mohr 6 June 10, 1840 at New Orleans, having sailed on the Columbiania from Port Le Havre, France 1840-41, Prairie du Long
Barbara Mohr mffmm 26-Aug-1825, Germany 26-Nov-1903, buried in Tamarawa Cemetery in St Clair County, Illinois 22-Aug-1850 to John Barthel 6    
Franz Reinhardt mfmmf 1804 30-Aug-1872 to Louisa Schmidt or Catharina Ziegler ?    
Adam Eichenseer mmfff 24-Dec-1825 12-Mar-1906, Ruma, Illinois 22-Jan-1857 to Appolonia Ellner (Eulner) 14    
Appolonia Ellner (Eulner) mmffm 14-Jun-1838, Hassloch, Rheinland, Pfaz, Germany 2-Jun-1918, Ruma, Illinois 22-Jan-1857 to Adam Eichenseer, Monroe, Illinois ?    
Mary mmfmf 1836, Bavaria   to Anton Schuerle 5    
Anton Schuerle mmfmm 1836, Wurttemberg   to Mary 5    
Augustin (Augustus) Mueth mmmff 11-Sep-1840, Missouri 30-May-1914 19-May-1864 to Barbara Reinhardt, Paderborn, St Clair, Illinois ?    
Barbara Reinhardt mmmfm 12-Apr-1845 (or 4-Dec-1846) Prairie Du Long, St Clair, Illinois 8-Nov-1929 19-May-1864 to Augustin Meuth, Paderborn, St Clair, Illinois ?    
John B Sauzek (Sauzeck) (Sauczeck) mmmmf 16-Jan-1832, Bohemia, Germany 27-Feb-1907 or 1906, Paderhorn, St. Clair, Illinois to Elizabeth Zeis ? June 17, 1850, New Orleans, ship Uhland from Bremen  
Elizabeth Zeis mmmmm 8-Sep-1839 or 1838, Illinois or Germany 1-Nov-1917 to John Sauzek ? before 1860  
Joel Jared fmffmf 19-Jul-1785
Isle of Wight, Virgnia
10-Dec-1872, Jasper, Illinois 25-Sep-1805 to Mary Dowell 15    
Mary (Polly) Dowell fmffmm 15-Jul-1797 or 1787
Isle of Wight, Virginia
12-Jun-1860 25-Sep-1805 Joel Jared 15    
John Watt fmfmff 24-Aug-1782, Bucks, Pennsylvania 8-Feb-1854, Warren, Kentucky 5-Jun-1803 to Elizabeth Loudon 14    
Elizabeth I Loudon fmfmfm 1788, Maryland 23-Aug-1862, Warren, Kentucky 5-Jun-1803 to Elizabeth Loudon 14    
Henry Price Snyder fmfmmf 24-Aug-1802, Virginia 29-Dec-1874 20-Dec-1821 to Malinda Dowell 12    
Malinda (Verlinda) Dowell fmfmmm 17-Dec-1804
Brekenridge, Kentucky
22-Aug-1878 20-Dec-1821 to Henry Price Snyder 12    
Moses Crampton fmmfff 11-Feb-1782, Maryland 9-Feb-1866, Crawford Co, Illinois to Susannah Lorschbaugh, 8-Mar-1817 in Washington Co. Maryland 6   after 1833 before 1849, from Ohio
Susannah Lorschbaugh fmmffm 20-Dec-1792, Washington Co, Maryland 14-Jul-1865, New Hebron, Crawford Co, Illinois to Moses Crampton, 8-Mar-1817, Washington Co, Maryland 6   after 1833 before 1849, from Ohio
Henry J Foltz fmmmff 22-Jun-1799, Rockingham County, Virginia 27-Jun-1877, Libertyville, Indiana Veronica Frances Hollingsworth, 19-Jan-1824, Rockingham County, Virginia ?    
Veronica Frances Hollingsworth fmmmfm 8-Feb-1807 11-Jan-1874, Libertyville, Indiana Henry J Foltz, 19-Jan-1824, Rockingham County, Virginia ?    
Isaac Ott fmmmmf about 17-Mar-1792, Kentucky or Virginia about 1860 Sarah, Rock Castle County, Kentucky 7    
Jean Nichola Gross mfffmf 1781 1860, buried in Evansville, Illinois 24-Sep-1818 in Wittring, Lorraine, France to Maria Biebel 7 winter of 1830/1831 to Erie County, New York 1850's
Maria Magdelene Biebel mfffmm 1786 3-Nov-1873, buried in Evansville, Illinois 24-Sep-1818 in Wittring, Lorraine, France to Jean Nichola Gross 7 winter of 1830/1831 to Erie County, New York 1850's
Wilhelm Barthel mffmff 4-Jul-1786 in Langenselbold, Germany 26-Aug-1841, buried in St Marcus Cemetery,
3.5 miles north of Red Bud, Illinios
25-Dec-1816 in Langenselbold, Germany to Catherine Lamm 6 June 10, 1840 at New Orleans, having sailed on the Columbiania from Port Le Havre, France 1840-41, Prairie du Long
Catherine Lamm mffmfm 4-7ul-1791 in Langenselbold, Germany 1842, buried in St Marcus Cemetery,
3.5 miles north of Red Bud, Illinios
25-Dec-1816 in Langenselbold, Germany to Wilhelm Barthel 6 June 10, 1840 at New Orleans, having sailed on the Columbiania from Port Le Havre, France 1840-41, Prairie du Long
Georg Eichenseer mmffff 2-Dec-1784 in Beratzhausen 16-Aug-1867 25-Jul-1824 to Barbara Beler 10    
Barbara Beler mmfffm 2-Nov-1789 14-Jul-1874 25-Jul-1824 to Georg Eichenseer 10    
Theobold Ellner mmffmf 1808, Germany   Eva Yeilbecher 4    
Eva Yeilbecher mmffmm 1812, Germany     ?    
Kasper Mueth (Caspar) mmmfff 7-May-1811 Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen-Nassau, Preussen 11-Feb-1882 1839 to Mageretha (Elizabeth?) Lohrum, (in Missouri?) ? June 16, 1840, New Orleans, ship Hermitage from La Havre 1857 (St. Clair County Naturalization Index, 1816-1905)
Mageretha Lohrum (Elizabeth?) mmmffm 6-Dec-1809, Hesse Darmstadt, Frankfort, Germany 5-Nov-1852, Illinois 1839 to Kasper Mueth, (in Missouri?) ?    
Franz Reinhardt mmmfmf 1804 30-Aug-1872 to Louisa Schmidt ?    
Louisa Schmidt mmmfmm 6-Mar-1806 1847 to Franz Reinhardt ?    
Franz Sauzek (Sauczeck) mmmmff 20-Jan-1803 7-Dec-1865 Maria Tollar ? June 17, 1850, New Orleans, ship Uhland from Bremen  
Maria Tollar mmmmfm 20-Sep-1808 13-Feb-1885 Franz Sauzek ?    
Lorenz Zeis mmmmmf 14-Jan-1804, Germany 15-Sep-1845 Maria Berg 4    
Maria (Margaretha) (Mays) Berg mmmmmm 17-Jul-1809, Germany 27-Jul-1875, Illinois Lorenz Zeis 4   before 1860
John Jared fmffmff 25-Jul-1737
Isle of Wright, Bedford, Virginia
Falls, Wyoming, Pennsylvania
25-Aug-1767 to Rachel Palmer
Loudoun, Virginia
Rachel Palmer fmffmfm 23-Aug-1747
Loudoun, Virginia
? 23-Aug-1767 to John Jared 12    
Micajah Dowell fmffmmf 21-Sep-1764, Bedford County, Virginia 8-Jul-1848, Breckinridge Co, Kentucky 5-Feb-1787, Bedford County, Virginia to Francis Meador 10    
Francis (Fanny) Meador fmffmmm 1756 or 1768, Bedford County, Virginia 19-Jul-1858, Breckenridge, Kentucky 5-Feb-1787, Bedford County, Virginia to Micajah Dowell 10    
Samuel Watt fmfmfff 1759, Pennsylvania 1827, Edmonson, Kentucky 1780 to Rachel Watkins 10    
Rachel Watkins fmfmffm 1748, Pennsylvania 1835, Kentucky 1780 to Samuel Watt 10    
Jane Reid Shannon fmfmfmm 1754 1833   ?    
David Foltz fmmmfff about 1765, Virginia 1831, Page County, Virginia Elizabeth Huffman 4    
Elizabeth Huffman fmmmffm about 1766, Rockingham County, Virginia ? Davit Foltz 4    
William Hollingsworth fmmmfmf ? ? Susan Grove 2    
Susan Grove fmmmfmm ? ? William Hollingsworth 2    
Frederick Ott fmmmmff about 1754, Montgomery, Virgina 1818, Rockcastle, Kentucky Sarah, about 1777 6    
Jean Gross mfffmff     to Anna Marie Muurer ?    
Anna Marie Muurer mfffmfm     to Jean Gross ?    
Nicola Biebel mfffmmf     to Anne Catherine Niederlander ?    
Anne Catherine Niederlender mfffmmm     to Nicola Biebel ?    
Heinrich Barthel mffmfff     to Anna Catherine Hixt ?    
Anna Catherine Hixt mffmffm     to Heinrich Barthel ?    
Conrad Lamm mffmfmf     Phillippina Koeth ?    
Phillippina Koeth mffmfmm     to Conrad Lamm ?    
Georg Adam Eichenseer mmfffff 17-Oct-1770 10-Aug-1883 24-Nov-1789 to Barbara Koller ?    
Barbara Koller mmffffm 1767 22-Oct-1825 24-Nov-1789 to Georg Adam Eichenseer ?    
Johan Mueth mmmffff   Darmstadt Germany to Klara Huma ?    
Klara Huma mmmfffm   Darmstadt Germany Johan Mueth ?    
Thomas Jarrett (Jarrell) fmffmfff 1710 (1694 to 1720), Isle of Wight, Virginia 13-Sep-1757, or 1753 Southampton, Virginia 1734 to Martha Kinchen, Isle of Wight, Vigrinia 5    
Martha Kinchen fmffmffm 1713, Isle of Wight, Virginia ? 1734 to Thomas Jarrett, Jarrell, or Jared 5    
George Dowell fmffmmff 1728, Bedford, Virginia 1772, Bedford, Virginia to Margaret 10    
Margaret ? fmffmmfm 1741, Virginia 1808, Virginia to George Dowell 10    
Ambrose Meador fmffmmmf 1732, Essex, Virginia about September, 1795, Essex, Virginia about 1755 to Francis (Franky) Hix 6    
Francis (Franky) Hix fmffmmmm 1736 10-Jul-1795, Bedford, Virginia about 1755 to Ambrose Meador ?    
John Watt fmfmffff 1720, Ireland     ?    
Samuel Shannon fmfmfmmf 1728, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 26-Nov-1818, Davidson, Tennessee 1750, Jane Jean Reid, Davidson, Tennessee 15    
Jane Jean Reid fmfmfmmm 1730, Deleware 1807, Nashville, Tennessee 1750, Samuel Shannon 15    
Johannes Foltz fmmmffff about 1721, Germany about 1805, Virginia   10    
Sylvester Ott fmmmmfff about 1728 (Virginia or Germany) June 1803, Grayson County, Virginia ? 5    
Johann Georg Eichenseer mmffffff 13-Apr-1727 (baptism) 27-Feb-1784 26-Jul-1757 to Barbara Achamer ?    
Barbara Achamer mmfffffm   27-Jun-1775 26-Jul-1757 to Johann Georg Eichenseer ?    
Thomas Jarrell or Jarrett fmffmffff 1668, 1678 or 1683, Isle of Wight, Virginia 1741, Isle of Wight, Virginia Sarah Hardy or Susan Snow ?    
Sarah Hardy fmffmfffm 1670   Thomas Jarrell ?    
William Kinchen fmffmffmf 1681 or 1693, Isle of Wight, Virginia 28-Jul-1735, Isle of Wight, Virginia 1698 to Elizabeth Ruffin 9    
Elizabeth Ruffin fmffmffmm 1678, Surry, Virginia ? 1698 to William Kinchen 9    
Thomas C Dowell fmffmmfff 1702, Bedford, Virginia 6-Sep-1769, Bedford Virginia 1727 to Elizabeth Sarah 11    
Thomas Meador fmffmmmff 1680, Essex, Virginia 31-Jul-1758, Essex, Virginia to Elizabeth Wood 9    
Elizabeth Wood fmffmmmfm 1671, Virginia Feb 1758, Essex, Virginia to Thomas Meador/Meadows 9    
James Hix fmffmmmmf 1700 1770   ?    
Thomas I Shannon fmfmfmmff 1676, Londonderry, Ireland April 1737. Sadsbury 1712 to Agnes Reid 8    
John Col Reid fmfmfmmmf 1673, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 13-Apr-1752, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1699 to Mary Stewart 17    
Mary Stewart fmfmfmmmm 1681, Deleware 1733, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1699, John Col Reid 17    
Thomas Jarrell or Gerard fmffmfffff 1635 pr 1738, St Marys, Maryland 17-Jul-1713, Surry, Virginia Joan, or Ann Hawkins ?    
Thomas Kinchen fmffmffmff England Virginia to Sarah Alston, about 1643 ?    
Sarah Alston fmffmffmfm England Virginia to Thomas Kinchen, about 1643 ?    
Robert Ruffin fmffmffmmf 1646, Isle of Wight, Virginia 9-Jan-1694, Surry, Virginia 1675 to Elizabeth Prime (Watkins, widow of Captian George Watkins) 5    
Elizabeth Prime fmffmffmmm 1642, 1648, 1654, or 1663, Isle of Wight, Virginia Aug-1714, Surry, Virginia 1675 to Robert Ruffin 5    
William Dowell fmffmmffff 1683, Painswick, Gloucester, England 1756, Dettingen, Prince William, Pennsylvania   ? before 1700  
John Meador fmffmmmfff 1659, York County, Virginia 21-Nov-1721, Essex, Virginia July 1677 or 1678 to Elizabeth White 20    
Elizabeth White fmffmmmffm 1659, Essex, Virginia 17-Aug-1694, Essex, Virginia July 1677 or 1678 to John Meador 20    
John Hix fmffmmmmff 1658, New Kent, Virginia 1720, Williamsburg, Virginia 1681 to Sarah Preston, James City, Virginia 12    
Sarah Preston fmffmmmmfm 1662, James City, Virginia Feb-1698, James City, Virginia 1681 to John Hix, James City, Virginia 12    
John Thomas Reid fmfmfmmmff 1678, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 2-Feb-1733, Lancaster, Pennsylvania May-1704 to Mary McKean 8    
John Alston fmffmffmfmf England England Dorthy Temple ?    
Dorthy Temple fmffmffmfmm England England John Alston ?    
William (Gulielnm) Ruffin fmffmffmmff 1617, Scotland 9-Jan-1674, Isle of Wight, Virginia about 1645 to Elizabeth Jewry, Isle of Wight, Virginia ? 24-Jul-1635, ship Assurance from Gravensend  
Elizabeth Jewry fmffmffmmfm 1621, Isle of Wight, Virginia   about 1645 to William Ruffin ?    
Edmond Pryme fmffmffmmmf about 1619, Reigate, Surrey, England 1-Jun-1690, Isle of Wight, Virginia unknown Ridley ? before 1640 from England  
Mary Cobb or Ann Ridley fmffmffmmmm about 1620, Isle Of Wight, Virginia 1690, Isle of Wight, Virginia Edmund Prime, about 1640, Isle of Wight, Virginia ?    
Henry Dowell fmffmmfffff 1660, Miserdine, England     ?    
Thomas Meador (Meadows) fmffmmmffff 1638 or 1641, Bedford, Virginia 13-Apr-1662, Rappahannock, Virginia 1658 or 1659 to Sarah Hoskins 3    
Sarah Hoskins fmffmmmfffm 1637, Essex, Virginia 1692, Virginia 1658 or 1659 to Thomas Meador/Meadows 3    
Richard White fmffmmmffmf 1633, England 1690, Virginia to Addra ? 3 before 1657  
Addra fmffmmmffmm 1637, Rappahannock, Virginia 1700, Virginia to Richard White 3 may have been Native American  
Joseph Preston fmffmmmmfmf 1635, England ?   ?    
Alexander Reid fmfmfmmmfff 1657, Ulster, Northern Ireland 11-Jan-1775, Rowan, North Carolina   3    
Sir William Ruffin fmffmffmmfff 1594, Scotland   about 1619 2 may have immigrated first to France, then to Virginia  
Dorthea Stewart fmffmffmmffm 1598, Scotland Scotland to Sir William Ruffin ?    
William Jewry fmffmffmmfmf 1593 or 1598 1-Jun-1651, Virginia   ? after 1628  
Thomas Meador fmffmmmfffff 1612 or 1618, Bristol, Suffolk, England 6-Jun-1655, Lancaster County, Virginia Elizabeth Wellstead or Sarah Meades 6 before 1640, maybe as early as 1620  
Elizabeth Wellstead or Sarah Meades fmffmmmffffm       ?    
Bartholomew Hoskins fmffmmmfffmf 1600, London, Suffolk, England 1663, Virginia 3-Jul-1624 to Mira Dorcas Isham, St Dunstans Church, Tepney, London 10 before 1625  
Mira Dorcas Isham fmffmmmfffmm 1598, England Virginia 3-Jul-1624 to Bartholomew Hoskins, London 10    
Sir William Ruthven fmffmffmmffff 1573, Scotland 1597, England, executed about 1593 to Christian Forbes ?    
Christian Forbes fmffmffmmfffm 1572, England England about 1593 to Sir William Ruthven ?    
Henry Stewart fmffmffmmffmf 1572, Scotland Scotland   ?    
Daniel Meadow fmffmmmffffff 1582, England Virginia Elizabeth Lee 6 before 1640  
Elizabeth Lee fmffmmmfffffm 1586, England Virginia Daniel Meadow 6 before 1640  
Sir William Ruthven fmffmffmmfffff 1542, Scotland 1584, Scotland about 1567 to Jean Hepburn 4    
Jean Hepurn fmffmffmmffffm 1546, Scotland Scotland about 1567 to Sir William Ruthven ?    
Lord Patrick Ruthven fmffmffmmffffff 1524-28, Scotland 13-Jun-1566, Newcastle England to Janet Douglas ?    
Janet Douglas fmffmffmmfffffm about 1520, Scotland   to Lord Patrick Ruthven ?    
Alexander Hepburn fmffmffmmffffmf Scotland England 1545 to Janet Napier ?    
Janet Napier fmffmffmmffffmm about 1524, Scotland England 1545 to Alexander Hepburn ?    

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